Social Media Marketing Strategy:
The new business trend for 2020?

Social Media Marketing in the business world is evolving faster than ever. New technologies are creating new tools that enable businesses to acquire a larger share of the coveted pie. Digital marketing and especially social media marketing (SMM) is now a one-way street for businesses that want to be in the forefront.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the strategic management, management, supervision and feedback of Social Media in such a way that:

• Enhances the reliability & recognizability of your business or brand.

• Maximum interaction with the common goal is ensured.

But is it that simple?
How with so many different platforms out there will you be able to choose the one or ones that will help your business succeed?

• Start by designing the right Social Media Marketing strategy

To create a successful social media strategy you need to follow a few simple steps:

• 1. Set your goals

The most important and crucial step is to clarify what your expectations are from using social media.

You want to:

- increase the brand awareness of your business?

- promote a new product or service?

- attract an audience to your physical store?

- increase your eshop sales?


In the first place, your goals should be realistic and small. Start by making a plan with the social media your audience uses and create the right content (text, photos, videos).

Do research on what similar companies do globally and get ideas. Ideally create a monthly plan with the posts you plan to make.
Content management tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, etc. they will save you valuable time as they allow you to schedule your posts in all media at once.
Stay consistent with this and thus ensure maximum interaction with your audience.

2. Competition Analysis

Along with creating your strategy, you need to keep in mind the strategy that your competitors are following.

You should consider:

-which platforms they use
-how often they publish their material
-what kind of posts they make and most importantly
-what kind of interaction they have with their audience

This will help you see what the general consumer trend is towards the industry in which you operate.


3. Discover your audience

The next step is to define the audience you want to target.

The content you upload should fully meet the preferences of your target audience.

Define your audience based on specific:

demographic characteristics (age, gender, occupation, income, etc.)
geographical features (region, city, prefecture, country, etc.) and
behavioral characteristics (hours of the day that are on social media, media that they use, if they buy online, etc.).
By effectively segmenting and analyzing your audience, you will be able to create targeted posts and ads.
You can even create specific customer profiles, the well-known Customer Personas, with easy-to-use social media marketing tools such as HubSpot Make My Persona Tool.

4. Create attractive content

Its content and creation is perhaps the biggest challenge in social media marketing. Don't forget that in the world of Digital, content is the king. Even if you have followed these steps faithfully, the wrong content can ruin your entire strategy. Specify a specific style in your posts so that you can communicate the appropriate brand image to your audience. Content may include videos, images and text. You need to be very careful that everything goes well with each other.

A proper Social Media Photography will give you an edge over your competitors, as it will provide you with material that you can use to promote your business effectively.

5. View results and customize

Social media marketing is a dynamic process. After implementing your strategy, you should consult insights and analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions in order to see if you have managed to achieve your goals. Social Media Marketing Prices There are many factors that determine the cost of your social media marketing actions. Creating a Facebook page and Business Instagram Profile is free for any business. The difficult part is the visual material that will give them the right professionalism.
For this purpose, it is ideal for you to turn to a professional in the production of photos, graphic arts and videos, so that you can be sure that you will have the best possible result.

In addition, advertising plays an important role in determining the cost of marketing actions you perform on social media. The well-known sponsors.

Facebook, which has now created a monopoly on the social media market after the acquisition of Instagram, has significantly reduced the impact of organic posts.

The unique content you create will never reach more than 1.2% of the audience that likes your page.
The only solution is to go through the process of "promoting" your posts. The good news is that Facebook's advertising platform ( provides you with very specific targeting tools for your target audience. So, even though you will have to pay Facebook to promote yourself, the chances of attracting the right audience to eventually become your customer are high.