Web Site Design & E-commerce

Building websites means high level construction and promotion services, always at a reasonable cost and always with the return on investment for our customer in mind.

Web design goes through a specific process to achieve:
- Well-designed and functional websites that make the browsing experience enjoyable and "playful" even for the most inexperienced internet users.

- Properly promoted websites on search engines
- Mainly on google which holds about 90% of searches

- On community sites such as facebook and well-known directories.
If the construction of websites includes a corporate and preliminary presentation of your company, then you need websites with an impressive design and easy-to-use navigation menu. If the goal is to build websites for e-commerce then all the user experience should be done with easy and understandable steps. When building websites, we need to think as a user-customer, and take care of the whole process: from the moment we look for a product, add the product to the shopping cart, calculate shipping costs, pay in multiple ways, check out .

The whole experience should be easy for everyone to maximize eshop sales. We must not forget that any malfunction or poor architecture in the construction of websites discourages the visitor from continuing his navigation and may not return to the website or the online store resulting in a drop in traffic and therefore indirect or direct sales.

• Joomla CMS

It is an award-winning content management system (CMS). It enables you to build websites and powerful applications. It has deservedly won the title of the most popular and accessible open source web design software, thanks to its ease of use and scalability. But what is a content management system (CMS)? It is software that captures every piece of content on your website. Like a public library that monitors your books, records them and stores them. This content can be simple text and photos, various documents or videos and anything else you can imagine.

The advantage of using a CMS like Joomla! is that no special technical knowledge or skill is required to manage it. Since CMS itself manages your content, you don't have to do anything else.

Why to choose AEGIS?

Trust a company that specializes successfully for many years in web design, to have a rich web portfolio to offer you immediate and effective solutions. Assign us to create your website at a cost that you can easily calculate here.

• WordPress CMS

What is WordPress? Going straight to the point, WordPress is just a content management system (CMS). But that wasn't the case about ten (10) years ago, when WordPress was just a blog posting platform. Today, in addition to blogging, you can use WordPress to create and manage websites of all shapes and sizes. If you allow us, we will use technical terms: WordPress is an action scenario created in PHP and MySQL. It is a branch of the b2 / cafelog blog posting software. But what is branching?

A branch takes place when developers take a copy of the source code from one software package and start independent programming on another, thus creating a distinct and distinct software.

Guided by customer satisfaction:

Contact us to offer you what you really need from your online presence.

Additional Services

• Create an E-shop

Nowadays, online shopping is growing more and more. Consumers prefer to shop online, as it offers them convenience and more economical products. An e-shop will give you a strong presence in e-commerce! We make a high quality website for you, with ease of use and elegant appearance. We immediately promote your 24-hour online store in the best possible way, so that you can have online sales with e-commerce payment system and quick profits.

• Website Management

In addition to building and promoting websites, website management is just as important. We manage your online store, your company's website and all the additional services related to your online presence, ensuring a perfect and consistent presence.

• Social Media Marketing

Social media is a very important part of the internet today. Almost all internet users are registered in one of them. Your presence on social media is imperative as they are the most ideal place for communication and promotion and even without significant costs.

• Website Promotion

We create a promotion plan tailored to the industry you are operating in and based on your business needs. At Web Builders we know that you can get the right website promotion done. There is no best for everyone, there is the best for you!
How much does the website cost?
A dynamic website can cost from 300€ and can reach 1000€ or more, depending on the requirements regarding the design and the volume of data. Note: hosting and purchasing a name are not included.
How long does it take to complete a website?
For a simple website it usually takes about 5-7 working days but for a more demanding website it may take up to 30 working days.
Are there any other costs besides construction costs?
In addition to the cost of building the website, there is the cost of web hosting, which is proportional to the hosting package you choose, the cost of domain name and the cost of template. For most websites this cost can be from 30€ to 100€ per year.
How much does it cost to promote a website?
For local results from at least 50€ per month, for nationwide results it depends on the competition that exists in the keywords of your business.