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Ιs actually the oldest form of insurance in the world.

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Aegis Expertise:

Marine insurance is actually the oldest form of insurance in the world dating back in Ancient Greece and Rome, since the transportation of cargo using water vessels for trade has been a key industy for centuries.The commercial shipping industry is more complex than ever, constantly evolving amidst a backdrop of volatility and risks, from oil pollution to losses. International operations worth millions of dollars are conducted every day and shipping accounts for about 90% of global trade, and an extremely specific level of expertise is essential in order to effectively manage the risks involved.As global trade stretches into more remote corners of the world, the entire maritime industry enjoys new growth opportunities. It also faces new challenges, unpredictable costs, and the ever-present potential for catastrophic loss.

Aegis Marine:

Marine insurance is essential for anyone transporting goods by ship or other watercraft, or for anyone engaged in operations on the sea such as towage, drilling.Marine insurance typically covers the accidental damage or theft of goods transported by sea as well as their liabilities towards third parties. Coverage may also extend to loading and special operations such as towing.

Insurance Specialists provide Insurance Broking & Consulting. Our expertise enable us to fully appreciate our clients’ needs and requirements, so as to arrange appropriate cover at the most competitive levels of premium, via long standing collaboration with Greek and International Market and most importantly Lloyds Market.

Our global service approach is dynamic and ample, providing expertise and innovation in the likes of hull and machinery, marine liability, protection and indemnity and marine cargo. With Aegis Marine Specialty, you can protect  total cost of risk, help protect your enterprise amid business challenges, and stay competitive in an increasingly global marketplace.

We carry substantial knowledge and experience of marine insurance markets and products. In a complex and ever changing risk environment, insurance expertise and in depth understanding of clients’ needs is essential in producing appropriate tailor made solutions for our clients.

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Which Marine Insurance is right for you?

• Yacht & Super Yachts

We provide the best solutions for Yachts and “Super-yachts” for virtually all types of marine risks protecting: The yacht and associated items against All Risks of physical loss or damage (Hull Machinery & Equipment Insurance). Against a wide spectrum of liabilities to third parties Agreed and new for old coverage Offshore flagged vessels.

• P&I (Protection & Indemnity)

P&I insurance covers Members’ legal and contractual liabilities in relation to third parties that are incurred during the operation of the entered ship.

These legal and contractual liabilities are of various nature and could concern people, cargo, pollution as well as other types of liabilities.
We are a dedicated team with extensive experience in the International Group and Commercial, Owned and Chartered P&I and FD&D markets.

• Hull & Machinery

The insurance covers the assured’s economic interest in the vessel and its equipment and cover is offered for total and partial losses of the insured property. The Hull & Machinery insurance also contains an element of cover for liabilities to third parties; namely the assured’s liability for collisions and often liabilities for a vessel’s striking fixed or floating objects. This insurance also covers the assured’s costs of measures to avert or minimize loss (sue and labour), salvage and general average.

• Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap for Ransom & Hijack (K&R) Insurance protects organisations against the financial loss that can arise when the crew and/or vessel is seized or detained for ransom. It protects a shipowner against various costs that may not be covered under other insurances when a vessel is hijacked and/or the crew is kidnapped, and provides access to K&R experts as well as various other consultants that will assist to resolve the incident successfully.

• Cargo

Cover for cargo – while in transit and in the warehouse. Whether you run a manufacturing, logistics, distributor, trading company or have goods that move or can be moved, you need cover which ensures your stock is protected.

• War Risks

War insurance provides cover for damage due to acts of war. It provides cover against war and marine terrorism perils that are normally excluded from all other marine policies.

• Ports & Marinas

Marina operators offer a broad range of marine services including berthing, mooring, storage, fuelling, ship repair and maintenance. They also offer a number of land based services which can include car parks, retail, residential and commercial facilities. Such a broad range of services bring with them inevitable exposures. Several insurers in the market offer a comprehensive insurance solution to marina operators which can be tailored to suit individual circumstances.

• Mortgage Interest Insurance

These insurances will protect a bank or lender’s mortgage if the insurance of the borrower or shipowner do not respond.

• Ship Builders Risks

Ship repairers are responsible for watercraft and equipment in their care, custody and control, as well as damage to third party property and personal injury arising in the course of their operations. The builder’s risk cover provides the shipbuilder with sufficient cover for the risk exposures which can occur during the entire building or conversion process, from  “the first cutting of steel/keel laying” to the final delivery of the vessel/unit. Cover for yards when the vessel/unit is delayed/not delivered due to a covered incident during construction